How Many Universities and Colleges Are There in Canada?

Canada is home to a wide variety of universities and colleges, with a total of 223 public and private universities and 213 public colleges and institutes. This article provides an overview of the 104 universities in Canada, as well as the enrollment numbers for each province. It also covers the different types of institutions, such as universities, colleges, and institutes of technology. Additionally, it provides information on the oldest universities in Canada, as well as the most affordable options for international students.

When it comes to universities in Canada, British Columbia has the highest number of institutions, ranging from Quest University Canada with 700 students to the University of British Columbia with 45,484 students. The University of Saskatchewan is the largest university in Saskatchewan with 18,620 students, while the University of First Nations Canada (FNUC) is the smallest university with 840 students. Ontario has 24 publicly funded colleges, most known as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and five Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning, all commonly referred to as colleges. Sainte-Anne University is located in Pointe-de-l'Église and offers its academic courses in French. The University of Waterloo (commonly known as Waterloo, UW or UWaterloo) is a public research university located in Waterloo, Ontario.

Founded in 1818, Université de Saint-Boniface is the oldest postsecondary institute in the province and is the only French-speaking university in western Canada. Burman University of Lacombe is the oldest university in Alberta, established in 1907 in Leduc. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick have campuses in Fredericton, while UNB also maintains a campus in Saint John. Two private university campuses based in the United States are located in Vancouver: New York Institute of Technology and Fairleigh Dickinson University. These institutions primarily serve undergraduate and graduate students. Dalhousie University was established in Halifax in 1818 with the help of the Presbyterian Church, while Acadia University was founded by Baptists.

King's College was founded in Windsor and was the first university to obtain university powers in British North America at a time when Upper Canada had no government. International students should know that there are very affordable universities in Canada. Choosing to study at universities in Canada is one of the best options for obtaining a renowned degree or diploma.

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