Is pte valid for canada student visa?

More than 90% of Canadian universities are known to accept PTE test scores. Yes, Canada accepts PTE for study visa applications. I entered pte 53 can I apply for the study visa for Canada? Answer me plss thnxx. Hello, I received an offer letter from the University of Canada West for the MBA program through my Pte score is 65 overall with no module lower than 65 and I have 75% in my bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

The PTE is not accepted in Canada for the public relations visa, but some universities accept the PTE test for the Canada study visa. Hello sir please help me I have 56 mostly in pte, writing 57, reading 53, linteing 49, speaking 75 please tell me which university will accept me with this score and complete my +2 class this year. When it comes to verifying your level of English to study in Canada, both exams serve the same purpose. Since the past few years, Canada has become one of the premium destinations for studying and attracts a large number of international students.

As a result, several Canadian universities have also started accepting applications and issuing offer letters to those students who have passed the PTE or DUOLINGO, but the Canadian Department of Immigration has not yet stated whether to accept or reject the study visa application with PTE. Currently, there are more than 30 PTE centers present in India, including states such as Punjab, Gujarat and Telangana. Applicants to study in Canada should consult with the university they wish to study for the exact requirements of PTE. Hello sir, I got 65 points in pte and m postgraduate, so I want to go in September which university is right for me.

In Canada there are several categories under which students can apply for a study permit: SDS category, non-SDS category or University category. Sir, I got 56 overall 68 in speaking, 53 in listening and reading, and 54 in writing, can I go to Canada to get the PG diploma? Hello sir, I got an overall score of 53 on PTE listening 57, reading 55, writing 54 and speaking 50 and graduated from b. The exam is not accepted as valid proof of language proficiency if you intend to obtain the Canada PR visa, however, the test score may work well for acquiring a Canadian student visa. You can start the Canadian immigration process with IELTS, because PTE is not acceptable in Canada for the PR visa.

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