Is Military College Free in Canada? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering joining a military college or earning a graduate degree? The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can help you do that with one of their paid education programs. The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) is a full-degree university that serves three distinct academic groups. It provides on-campus education and training for students who want to become commissioned officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. It also offers distance college education to hundreds of military and civilian members of the Department of National Defense.

Lastly, RMC has unique and respected graduate programs in the arts, sciences, and engineering, open to both military and civilian students. Limited enrollment in in-person and graduate programs is maintained through a competition of eligible applicants. Education is free for most college students on campus due to military service commitments after graduation; these cadet officers also receive an additional monthly salary. If you're interested in applying to the Royal Military College of Canada, here are the steps you need to take: Request a list of required documents directly from the university, as this may vary by country.

You can also request sample documents through their live chat. Submit all required documents to Royal Military College of Canada at 13 General Crerar Crescent Kingston K7K 7B4 Canada. The university's motto and “device” (badge) was first announced by Colonel Hewett during an award ceremony held at Kingston Military College on February 11, 1878. As an element of the Canadian Forces, the university cannot fund a conventional full-time fundraising team in an office development. The Senate, composed of the Chancellor (Minister of National Defense), the Vice Chancellor (the Commander of the RMCC), the Director, the Deans, the Cadet, the Registrar and the Directeur des Etudes du Royal Military College Saint-Jean, makes the final decision on admissions. The Stone Frigate, known within the university as The Boat, houses a Squadron that in turn calls itself the Military Academy of the Stone Frigate.

One-year preparatory education is open to Canadian Indigenous Peoples through RMC in Kingston, Ontario. Second-year cadets are paired with first-year cadets as academic parents to guide them during their studies at the university. Official cadets at RMC are trained in what are known as the four pillars of academia, trade, athletics and bilingualism. Located on Point Frederick, a 41-hectare (101-acre) peninsula in Kingston, Ontario, the university is a mix of historic buildings and more modern academic, sports and shared facilities. Nominations for honorary degrees by Royal Military Colleges may be initiated by different organizations or individuals, including the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada, through any member of the university senate.

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