Which universities in Canada accept PTE?

Applicants who wish to apply for higher education in Canada through PTE scores are eligible to apply without SDS. Hello sir, I got 59 overall and 67% on bcom, so could you tell me which university is good for me for 2 years pg diploma in business administration? PTE Academic is one of the most convenient language proficiency tests that Indian students can take advantage of to obtain their study permit and study in Canada. In addition to language proficiency, there is a list of other requirements that students must meet to realize their dream of studying in Canada. Hello, I got in general 63 and every 6.5 bands in pte and I requested conestoga college my fees and the gic was sent.

The Embassy of Canada accepts PTE in Canada %26 Canadian Colleges %26 Universities, but your file will be applied only through the non-SDS category. Hello sir please help me I have 56 especially in pte, writing 57, reading 53, linteing 49, speaking 75 please tell me which university will accept me with this score and I will complete my class +2 this year. Hello sir, I got 65 score in PTE and m postgraduate, so I want to go in September to which university is right for me. Some of Canada's most popular universities that accept PTE academic qualifications include Mcmaster University, Dalhousie University, Georgian College, Centennial University, Mount Royal University, and London School of Business and Finance, Toronto.

The PTE is only accepted at about 40 universities in Germany, the most popular of which is the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. I got an overall score of 56 in PTE with no module lower than 50 if there is any possibility of refusal and I have already applied for my visa through the online application for cdi college. Similarly, the list of universities accepting PTE in France and Ireland is only about thirty each, while in India, it is recognized by the Indian Business School. You must score above 58 in PTE and 6.5 in IELTS to meet the English language requirement for graduate courses in Canada.

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