Are universities in Canada good?

These are Canada's top 10 global universities, ranked by US News based on academic research performance and reputation. Canada's application process is simpler than the hypercompetitive challenge that is elite college admissions in the United States. In the United States, most universities allow students to wait until the end of their second year before declaring a major. Rahul Kumar, Associate Director for Canada at IDP Education (India, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Sri Lanka), is responsible for driving, training and growing Canada's team in his region in 42 offices in 4 countries.

Prior to joining IDP, he was associated with Fanshawe College Canada and King's University College at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Unlike universities in Canada, which cover all subjects, universities in Canada are limited to teaching one subject in the chosen course. They are fewer and far between, but there are smaller schools similar to American liberal arts universities, such as Bishop's University in Quebec, where there are only 2,340 full-time undergraduate students enrolled. If you or someone you know is considering attending college in the Great White North or the United States of America, there are a few factors to consider, from the cost of tuition to the on-campus experience.

Education is a provincial responsibility in Canada, so provincial governments govern all universities and colleges in each province. For many Americans, Canada probably evokes images of moose, frozen tundra, ice hockey, and bearded lumberjacks singing in plaid shirts (thank you, Monty Python). Under his able leadership, IDP has witnessed tremendous growth in Canada over the past 3 years in terms of student enrollment and quality counseling. This is one of the reasons why students are urged to confidently decide what skill they want to acquire before applying to universities in Canada.

In the United States, most universities use a semester system with two terms lasting between 16 and 18 weeks each. While English is the most widely spoken language in both the United States and Canada, other languages may also be spoken, especially in cities. The provincial government of Canada takes care of the education sector, thus ensuring that the quality of education between the College or the University of Canada is of high standards.

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