When will universities reopen in Canada?

Some designated learning institutions in Canada with approved COVID-19 preparedness plans are reopening their doors to international students. Discover some of the resilient and creative ways we've seen universities and colleges take a step forward to support their communities. Subscribe to Perspectives for the latest news from universities and colleges in Canada. WordPress Download Manager: The Best Download Management Plugin.

Understand basic information about COVID-19, including its symptoms, complications, how it is transmitted, and how to prevent transmission. Stay informed about COVID-19 through the Government of Canada's health agencies. Ontario's provincial and municipal public health resources are also a good source of information. Be aware of misinformation that may circulate by word of mouth or online.

Remember that inbound travel and quarantine restrictions may change at any time. Fully vaccinated travelers need a backup quarantine plan, but must be exempt from quarantine upon arrival in Canada. At the time of enrollment, colleges and universities determine the format of courses (e.g. in-person, hybrid, distance education) and students choose accordingly.

However, colleges and universities are encouraged to ensure flexibility for students with medical problems. Educational institutions are responsible for managing student residences and must comply with guidelines issued by public health authorities. Disinfection and ventilation of spaces, installation of hand hygiene stations and contactless garbage containers) and a procedure for the management of residents with symptoms related to COVID-19 and residents with COVID-19 should be implemented in student residences. Only 4.6 percent of schools in Canada offer courses predominantly, if not entirely online, the same percentage they offered in-person classes last year.

They must also meet the Government of Canada's vaccination requirements for travel to and within Canada. In Canada, Trent, Western, University of Toronto, Fanshawe College, Ryerson University, Durham College and Ontario Technological University were among the first to require first-dose vaccination, but only for students living in the dorm. Career Colleges Ontario assumes no liability for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or liabilities arising from the use of this document or any other material referenced herein. Reliance on any information provided by Career Colleges Ontario that appears or is provided in connection with this document is solely at your own risk.

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities has informed Ontario universities that there are no restrictions on in-person instruction, according to an email sent to the staff of the University of Toronto President. All guidelines on working conditions that apply to pandemic-related absences for staff of public universities were communicated to the general directors of universities.

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