How many universities are there in Canada?

Number of institutions Canada has 223 public and private universities, and 213 public colleges and institutes. This is a list of universities in Canada. Universities are different from universities in Canada, as they are not generally degree-granting institutions, although some may be authorized by provincial legislation to award degrees through joint programs with universities or with the permission of the provincial Minister of Education. King's College, founded in Windsor, was the first university to obtain university powers in British North America, at a time when Upper Canada had no government of its own.

There are approximately 150 public institutions in Canada that meet the criteria for community colleges. Ontario also has 24 publicly funded colleges, most known as Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and five Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning, all of which are commonly known as colleges. Canadian universities and colleges are essential educational centers where experienced professionals and educators work in collaboration with local businesses, communities and industries to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving labor market. Membership is voluntary and open to publicly funded community colleges in Canada or institutions that may also be called an institute of technology, CEGEP or university with a university mandate.

The oldest university in the province is King's College, established in 1789, while the newest is Cape Breton University, established in 1974.Dalhousie University, originally known as Dalhousie College, was established in Halifax in 1818 with the help of the Presbyterian Church, and Acadia University was founded by Baptists. College enrollment in Manitoba ranges from Booth University College, with several hundred students, to the University of Manitoba, with 26,800 students.

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